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    14 September 2020
    Thank you facebook

    The spindles are here and once Chris finishes in the utility major job he will resume in the kitchenlounge area and fit these to the stairs. Pretty splendid job he did on those too!

    30 June 2020

    We have a date for Lapeyre to visit - 1st July, 2020. Meanwhile, we still have open house! The kitchen is largely done and I have pre-empted its completion and moved some of my things into it.

    24 June 2020
    Made to measure

    Tiles in the kitchen are nearing completion - further delayed by the doors that were made to measure yet seem to be mismatched doors and frame! The frame fits but thats about it.

    22 June 2020
    Finished the sandblasting

    Lots going on chez nous. Having finished the sandblasting in the bedroom - a bone of contention as we decided to do this having virtually finished decorating

    27 April 2020
    We are in the grip of a pandemic

    Sad times and too many deaths. Little sign of it abating at the moment with a vaccine sadly too far in the future.

    28 March 2020
    What a lot we have managed

    We have collected our trees - the largest standing at approximately 7 metres and planted them in the top garden.

    24 February 2020
    I returned from my travels

    I was shocked at the size of the door opening but can see that it will make a lovely link between kitchen and lounge and create more light too.

    29 January 2020
    Rather messy works

    My decision to have an alternative door from Kitchen to Lounge turned out to be a little more complicated than might be imagined.

    16 January 2020
    Plans for January

    The last few days have been focused on the kitchen. The beams are sanded, washed, bleached, worming treatment applied and lastly, varnish.

    2 December 2019
    A carrier full of spring bulbs.

    A change in the weather has prompted some gardening. A carrier full of spring bulbs are planted and I look forward to seeing the results.

    19 November 2019
    Rain, rain, rain

    Rain, rain, rain - leaving time for the indoor jobs. The insulation is in on both sides of the house - an itchy, cramped and unenviable task

    8 October 2019
    Begins the rain

    The summer has ended and so begins the rain as of yesterday - all day! A notable drop in temperature but still sticky.

    27 September 2019
    Summer has ended

    Article Thumbnail The summer has ended and so begins the rain as of yesterday - all day! A notable drop in temperature but still sticky.

    3 September 2019
    Free of weeds

    Article Thumbnail The weather is changing. The potager is nearly free of weeds. It transpires that we could have been eating and making flour from them.

    27 April 2017
    Puy Robin A Farmhouse

    Article Thumbnail Enjoy the peace, tranquillity and healing energy Puy Robin. Relax, find yourself, be creative helped by beautiful and peaceful countryside of the Gatine Hills and feel connection to mother earth. Have you spent your time trying to be everything to everyone? Its time to change and to heal yourself. Tomorrow is a new day immerse yourself into the magic, mystery and history of this unique farm house. Whether you come on your own or come with friends you will love your stay with us.

    22 April 2017
    Beautiful coastal villages in France

    Article Thumbnail Picturesque fishing ports and beautiful sea viewsthe French coast is full of charming little towns. Here are some of Frances prettiest coastal villages.

    11 March 2017
    The Parthenay Effect

    Article Thumbnail How a Small French Town Might Save Civilization.It is more normal to acknowledge than to ignore a stranger here. Even punked out teenage boys call our bonsoir! as they pass you by.

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